.Retail & Hospitality.

Always ready to lend a hand and learn about a new industry, Trade Muse offers staff fill-in and support for all retail and service providers.

*Front Desk *Cash Handling *Stocking & Displays *Customer Service *Housekeeping *Production & Delivery Assistance

I have had the opportunity to assist tradespeople across the country: arranging flowers in Hawaii, retail sales @hippiegypsynola, housekeeping at Sierra Nevada House, interim inn-keeping @sullymansion, and working as a docent/artist assistant @daredeviltattoo!




.Food Service.

Hungry? Busy? Your night to host? Trade Muse is your on-call prep cook and clean up resource.

*Grocery Shopping *Meal Prep *Food Prep & Service *Clean Up & Food Waste *Food Delivery & Donation *Planting & Harvesting

Dish washing and food prep in sandwich shops, catering service, and month-long outdoor cooking jobs for seasonal workers have prepared me to accommodate menus and venues of all kinds with an eye for conservation & waste.