.Personal & Production Assistance.

Whether you create for passion or for a living, Trade Muse offers customized levels of involvement at every stage of the creative process.

*Studio Organization *Production Assistance *Job Site Prep & Cleanup *Liaison Services *Online Content & Communications *Location Scouting & Day-of Labor *E-commerce Logistics

I have had the opportunity to work in the studio, on job sites, and at events with some incredible artists including: @cooperstrattondesigns, @lori.felix, @madilynnnelson, @karikirtland, @larascotton, @soyoon666, @mat.heavy, and more!




.Management & Consulting Services.

With management experience in a variety of fields, Trade Muse offers small business owners creative solutions to maximize efficiency, safety, and client relations.

*Staff Training *Invoices & Records *Inventory & Ordering *Liaison Services *Scheduling & Communications *Client Databases *Event Labor *Shipping Logistics *Website & Social Copy/Content

I have worked overseeing sandwich shops, retail stores, and tattoo studios, as well as directly with private clients in New Orleans, LA and New York City. I created custom training manuals, exposure control plans, and established shop procedures, for Acqua Santa. I have also created FAQ and Contact Pages for two client websites: 1 * 2