.Work Experience. 2005-2019


.Classes & Certificates.


GENDA Rights Training

I participated in a workshop put on by the New York Transgender Advocacy Group outlining accepted definitions and repercussions for discrimination against LGBTQ folks in New York State. We practiced actionable steps for preventing and reporting discrimination in school, home, work, and public.


Housekeeping Awareness

I earned a certificate in job site housekeeping and storage techniques.

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Life on Purpose

Part one of a series of workshops put on by Be Social Change in NYC. We focused on the questions that you can use to communicate with clarity the purpose of your work.


Grow with Google

I attended two classes put on by the Google Learning Center in NYC:

* Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics

* Optimize Your Energy for High Performance


Mental Health First Aid

I have a certificate in Mental Health First Aid. Which I received for participating in a day long workshop on supporting those living with mental health struggles, trauma, and psychotic disorders. We focused on vocabulary and listening skills as allies, and actionable steps in response to triggers.


Networking with Purpose

Part four of a series of workshops put on by Be Social Change in NYC. An extension of the previous work, we learned to the importance of understanding the purpose of others’ work when collaborating.


Stay Tuned

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Giving & Receiving Feedback

I earned a certificate in best practices for giving and receiving feedback that starts constructive conversations.

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Ayurvedic Approach to Wellness

I took an introductory class on understanding your body’s constitution and how what we digest affects the balance we maintain with our health.


Naloxone Education

I completed a workshop on opioid overdose and prevention. We learned the causes, symptoms, and procedures to halt an overdose. I received numerous kits with the Naloxone nasal spray and I am happy to distribute them, extend knowledge, and help get more if needed.