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I bring over a decade of experience collaborating with makers of all kinds along the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. and I continue to travel between them for clients old and new. I am currently available for local projects in The Triangle region of North Carolina.

If my services are not a perfect fit for your project needs, I am eager to connect you with the people in my network or yours that can be of the most help.

All are invited to participate in this growing network of artists, makers, thinkers, growers, family, and friends tipping the scales in favor of community, growth, and exchange!

Reach out here to start the conversation about your next project, give feedback, and discuss human and environmental topics affecting us all.

~ Jesse Lanier Davis ~





I’m not ready to purge, can you still help me reclaim space in my home, studio, or workplace?


Yes! Trade Muse is here to help match the desired function of your spaces to their contents. I’ve got you covered whether you need to tidy up and host, pack it all up and move out, or travel with the tools of your trade.



I am facing growth at a faster rate than I was prepared to handle, can you help me find balance?


Yes! Trade Muse offers assistance to artists and professionals alike. I help you tackle to-do lists of all kinds. I offer customizable production and administrative tools for those with a creative background & an innovative perspective to those with a business background.



I need a hand with so much, but can’t afford to pay for the help I need. Can you still help me?


Yes! Trade Muse is built around the idea that each person is at once a peer and a teacher. I gladly work for any tips, trades, or teaching offered in the course of our collaboration. I can help you start the conversation with people in your community about ways you can support each other through similar currency-free exchange.



I am interested in working together, but I don’t live in North Carolina. Can we still collaborate?


Yes! I continue to travel between all the cities I have lived in the U.S. to visit friends, family, and clients, and to new places all the time. Don’t let distance stop you from reaching out. I am happy to work on projects remotely, or put you in touch with people closer to you for more immediate projects.



“They?” Aren’t you a woman?



My choice to use the pronoun they is two fold.

  1. As someone who is afforded the societal privileges granted to cis-gendered women, I am acutely aware of the harm that a binary take on gender does to those who do not subscribe to such limitations. Using “they” brings visibility and normalcy to more inclusive language that will hopefully lead to more inclusive behavior toward all folks.

  2. As someone who prides themselves on the quality and value of their work, I reject the notion that my skills are in spite of any presumed handicap related to being a woman. I reject the notion that anyone’s pursuits should be limited based on someone else’s assumption about their gender or presentation there of.